Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live from Front End of Innovation 2012: Jaspar Roos on Bringing Back the Fun in Innovation

Orin's Introduction: Jaspar presented a number of incredible ideas, so rather than try to reproduce his presentation, this post is going to challenge readers to think about several of the most interesting points he made.

* Attention becomes the major currency in content commerce.

* We can learn from failure (in fact, there's even a repository for it), and we should make sure to do so.

* How much, and in how many ways, do companies need a Chief Humor Officer?

* We take ourselves far too seriously sometimes.

* Are we too professional?

* Humor leads to more energy and increases the possibility of innovation.  (Orin's aside: To find out why, check out Barbara Fredrickson's Broaden-and-Build Theory).

Orin C. Davis is the first person to earn a doctorate in positive psychology. His research focuses on flow, creativity, hypnosis, and mentoring, and it spans both the workplace and daily life. He is the principal investigator of the Quality of Life Laboratory and a freelance consultant who helps companies maximize their human capital and become better places to work.

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