Sunday, April 1, 2012

Innovation has achieved 100% Adoption Rates!

In a new study conducted by the Chinese university of Ax Ho, it’s been discovered that we have finally achieved worldwide complete adoption of innovation principles. After struggling to get corporations, governments and the public to realize embracing innovation is the only way to get global economies out of its current rut, ubiquitous cultures of innovation finally prevail.

It appears every corporation is using a “connect and develop” approach and every single government organization is using crowd sourcing to find ways to solve common problems. Companies encourage their employees to spend at least 10% and as much as 20% of their time dedicated to doing things either “better” or doing things “differently”.

Today’s social networks lend themselves perfectly to support the fuzzy front end of innovation, encouraging chaos, disruption and the serendipitous collaboration of smart people. “It’s been quite a struggle, in fact we thought it would take years”, says Apollo Rif Distinguished Doctor of Innovation at the University of Amsterdam. “But it appears, based on this study, that the world has embraced innovation”.

For more information read the complete study here:

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Mahboob said...

April Fool... Ha... Trying to promote our open challenge based candidate screening system known as Innovators4Hire, I have been surprised by the lack of interest shown by the industry.

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