Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Attend The Front End of Innovation EMEA?

With all the options out there, we know it can be confusing.  If you're deciding between this and any other event, we've made it our responsibility to help you understand the top 5 reasons that make this event truly unique.
1.     No Repeat Performances
We span the globe to ensure fresh new perspectives from the hard to get speakers. See full list of 50+ speakers.
2.     See the New BMW i3 Concept Car

* At FEI Europe 2010, attendees were amazed with a showcase of the newest BMW concept car. More photos here.

Don't just hear about how innovation happens.  

See the results in action!  After BMW i Brand Head Designer, Benoit Jacob delivers a keynote on "Design Language and the Future of Mobility,"  see the new BMW i3 Concept Car in person.

That's right we drove straight into the conference venue!

Front End of Innovation Europe 2010

3.   More Opportunities for Customization
We give you more options than any other event.  Choose content that is right for you across 4 full day summits, 3 tracks and 8 thematic areas. View full agenda.
4.     Predict the Future
Generate actionable trend insights as you embark on a Trenz
®Walk around Zurich's most cutting edge areas.
5.     Local Inventor Showcase
Meet the most exciting local inventors and innovators from nearby areas in Zurich.  

Over 250 of your peers, colleagues and competitors will be there ensuring their future is secure.  Will you?  We hope you will join us at the best FEI EMEA conference yet. 

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