Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Live from FEI EMEA: Inform, Involve, Empower: An information Revolution for the Next Billion

Natesh B V, Director as Nokia Life explained the specific market situation for his business at the beginning of his interesting talk.

In emerging markets information and internet access will be mainly through mobile devices.
Currently approx. 3.7 bn mobile phones are used, but most of them are only basic ones without internet access, while 3.2 bn people have no mobile phone at all, which are primarily young people.
Users are very price-sensitive but supporting Health and receiving useful information is important.

Nokia’s vision is “Connecting People to what matters to them”.

So the questions for Nokia Life was:
How to create a business model and convince the management?

Natesh proposed a business approach for Nokia life to his Management to focus on impactful Services for Livelihood and Life Improvement, e.g. regarding education, health and Agricultural information.

Service examples include:
Learning English based on the local language as part of Education
Pregnancy device as part of Health
Information to farmers  

Business Management agreed but asked for a pilot. After a successful start the roll-out to other markets took place in 2010. Today Nokia Life provides service for 50 Million Users with more than 9 Mio updates daily in India, China, Indonesia and Nigeria.

About the Author:

Frauke Lohr is running her own consulting business named Comsciencia, targeting customers from industry, academia as well as politics with special focus on innovation topics. She is currently attending the 6th annual Front End of Innovation EMEA in Z├╝rich, Switzerland on February 27-29, 2012, and covering the event live via the FEI Blog and Twitter.

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