Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live from FEI EMEA: Creating Shared value for Business, People and Society

Elke den Ouden, Author and Senior Consultant, working for Philips, started here presentation with an overview on Philips, which is focusing on Healthcare, Lighting and consumer lifestyle.

She described an ongoing Paradigm shift with the society moving into transformation. More and more managers and entrepreneurs try to combine making business and at the same time creating a better world.  So the context of business has changed over time.
"Good solutions create value for people, organization and society”, which is also the title of her book that has been recently published. She presented an onion model covering putting into consideration different stakeholders and different levels. Meaningful innovations would connect the different levels and add value there. There is still room left with white spots for new opportunities.

She also presented examples from her work at Philips, e.g. an Ambient Experiencehospital lab. Another example for designing an ecosystem was about Dementia; 98% of the carers of dementing persons suffer from physical and emotional problems and fatigue. The initial value proposition of Philips was in redesigning lighting solutions for institutionalized care to improve the mental state of people with dementia significantly, but the question came up, what to do prior at home to stabilize the situation there already? As a starting point to explore more opportunities in that area for Philips Elke van Ouden presented a mapping to better understand the patient journey as well the stakeholder environment.

About the Author:

Frauke Lohr is running her own consulting business named Comsciencia, targeting customers from industry, academia as well as politics with special focus on innovation topics. She is currently attending the 6th annual
Front End of Innovation EMEA in Z├╝rich, Switzerland on February 27-29, 2012, and covering the event live via the FEI Blog and Twitter.

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