Wednesday, November 2, 2011

P&G’s Search for Disruptive New Products and Services

FEI Europe is now FEI EMEA

Based off of your feedback, the 2012 event features an expanded geographical focus - with more perspectives to allow you to leverage expertise from across the globe to drive innovation forward and reprioritize in the face of complexity.

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Don't miss Procter & Gamble's much anticipated Keynote Presentation on Reverse Innovation on Tuesday 18th February 

World Class Innovation in China: The Search for Disruptive New Products & Services - John van der Linden, Technology General Manager, Oral Care Asia, P&G

In the next decade a more "normal" balance will be restored in the world economy. This might feel "uncomfortable" for people in the West in general, or even multinationals with deep Western roots, as it means not only giving up "power", but also having to embrace a reality that western "values" and "thinking patterns" are NOT what everybody aspires to. Within that reality, winning in the developing eastern markets is key - and within this innovation is fundamental. This session covers a simple framework of lessons learned during 10 years of innovation work in China - where, although culture is really different, it can be harvested for actual superior innovation. It might be less "predictable" vs. a more linear western innovation process, but it might be superior if you are searching for "disruptive" new products of services.

FEI EMEA offers you more content choices than any other event-allowing you to customize your learning across 8 different areas. 

Get the depth and breadth of topics you need now, including:

 • Future Trends: Finding the Next Vibrant Ecosystem 

 • Social Media: Next-Gen of Customer-Inspired Innovation and Co-Creation 

 • Innovation Management: Making Innovation Systematic 

 • Enhance Business Value: Growth Opportunities Beyond your Core 

 • Design Innovation: Uniting Design with the Front End 

 • For Profit and Purpose: Aligning Sustainability and Business Objectives 

 • Fail Forward: Create a Culture of Continuous Learning 

 • Involve Everyone: Overcome the Not Invented Here Syndrome 

 We hope you will join us at the best FEI EMEA conference yet. See you in Zurich in February.

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