Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Future Trends: Wise is Famous by 11:15?

Richard Wise, Mirrorball got us started with a depiction of fame and the counter trend of anonymity.

He gave us a marvelous perspective on the contrast happening between fame and anonymity.

26% of american teens expect to be famous by the time they are 25 years old. Isn't it delusional to expect to be famous? Or is the expectation just aspiration. It also makes me think about what we aspired to "be" by generation. In the 50s-60s did teens aspire to be doctors and lawyers? In the 30s-40s did teens aspire to be president or to be farmers?

What did you aspire to be when you were a teen?

Beyond this, Richard gave us a smorgasbord of brain nutrition including a perspective on why people are rising against the marketing machine. How to quiet and successful by Muji pencils; simple and beautiful and Levi jeans focus on production with "we are all workers." And a book, "The real Pepsi challenge," when Pepsi hired a cadre of African American executives. Before Jackie Robinson.

Richard was a engaging way to start a day and Andy Warhol [he attended mass ever Sunday] being the patron saint of pop culture isn't a bad way to start a day on trends.

Three things I'll remember from Richard's presentation:

One: motion sensor wall that starts a paparazzi video as you walk by, making every shopper in this Korean mall famous. Thank you Nikon for this ad.

Two: Youngest adopters of social tools have started to drop-off the social scene. Not entirely statistically sound yet, but it looks like the trend-setters are moving away from the abundance of social.

Three: The freaky idea of combining Klout [the standard for knowing influence] with facial recognition on your smartphone. The marketer in smiles, the human being in me freaks out. 

Thank you Richard Wise for a smile in my mind and a great start. 


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