Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Create a Repeatable Innovation Process

It's not enough to simply ask employees to think more creatively, to submit their ideas, and to understand the value of innovation. You must equip them with the tools and processes that make innovation into a daily reality.

 Join us at BEI 2011: Back End of Innovation, October 17-19, and learn through a 3-step process that will enable your organization to create a Repeatable Innovation Process.

Step 1- KEYNOTE: Innovation Nation's Best selling Author, John Kao reveals how America is losing its innovation edge and what we can do to get it back.

Step 2- GET HANDS ON: Rowan Gibson, Author, Innovation to the Core, leads a collaborative exercise on Processes & Tools.

 Step 3- GET IN-DEPTH: Unique breakout sessions provide you with the opportunity to explore the topic in greater detail via varied learning formats.

Creating a Path to Repeatable Innovation Excellence - Corning Incorporation
From Concept to Product - Prototyping to Maximize your Chances of Getting to Market - Nokia EnterpriseInnovation: Easy to Proclaim, Hard to Accomplish - Hewlett Packard 

 Join us this October in San Diego at BEI 2011 as we bring together the best in innovation execution to help you Create a Sustainable Corporate Innovation System.

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