Thursday, August 4, 2011

Return on Innovation: Planning, Defining and Measuring Success

Back End of Innovation brings together leaders from Wachovia, Nike, Equifax, Pitney Bowes and Medrad to share real stories on how they are proving their Return on Innovation.

During the Return on Innovation Summit you will hear how these industry leaders are increasing speed to market, accelerating disruptive growth and innovation, and measuring the ROI of their innovation efforts.

Featured sessions include:

Product Development Execution to Increase Speed to Marketing
- Douglas Powell, Senior Vice President, Business Integration Team, Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company

Utilizing Strategic Investments and Partnerships as a Tool to Access Disruptive and Sustainable Technologies
- Avi Sahi, Partner, Sustainable Business & Innovation Lab, Nike Inc.

Establishing, Measuring, and Achieving Innovation Revenue Goals from NPI (New Product Innovation)
- Chris Colson, Vice President, Capital Markets and Mortgage, Equifax

The Art of Measuring the ROI of Open Innovation: A Pitney Bowes Case Study
- Allison Dahl, Community & Communications Manager, Employee Innovation Program, Pitney Bowes

Metrics for Innovation: Measuring the Future
- Donald DeLauder, Executive Director, Corporate Innovation, MEDRAD

Download the conference brochure for full session descriptions or visit our website for more information.

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