Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Citi Venture Capital Chair & CIO Reveals Tips on Partnering for Market Success

Are you truly tapping into all the latent brainpower and imagination available to you?

Its time to start mobilizing and monetizing as many minds as possible - both inside your organization and across your extended network of customers, suppliers, and partners - in search for innovative new ideas and growth opportunities.

Start Partnering for Market Success at BEI 2011: Back End of Innovation, October 17-19.

Step 1- KEYNOTE: Citi's Chairman of Venture Capital Initiatives and Chief Innovation Officer, Debby Hopkins presents: Developing and Leading an Approach to Creative, Forward-Looking Collaboration.

Step 2- GET HANDS ON: Rowan Gibson, Author, Innovation to the Core, leads a collaborative exercises on People & Skills.

Step 3- GET IN-DEPTH: Unique breakout sessions provide you with the opportunity to explore the topic in greater detail via varied learning formats.

Panasonic's Metrics of Success for Venture Collaboration - Panasonic Venture Group
Taste Tomorrow: Identifying and Nurturing Our Next Big Brands - Coca-Cola
New Business Creation: The Art of Dealing with "Teenagers" - Philips

Commercializing Innovation: The Right Partnership Make the Difference
 - Cisco, American Express, Clorox, General Millls

Join us this October in San Diego at BEI 2011 as we bring together the best in innovation execution to help you Create a Sustainable Corporate Innovation System.

Register by August 26, 2011 & 
Save $200 off the standard & onsite rate

Please mention priority code: BEI11BLOG when registering.

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