Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PepsiCo President talks Leadership at Back End of Innovation

Making innovation an "all the time, everywhere" capability is fundamentally a leadership challenge - it's something that absolutely has to be driven from the top.

We invite you to join us at BEI 2011: Back End of Innovation, October 17-19, 2011, for an intensive dive into Leadership & Organizational Structure. Get the insights and tools you need to shape your corporate direction by embedding the innovation process into every part of the culture.

Step 1- KEYNOTE: Jaya Kumar, President, Global Nutrition Group, PepsiCo delivers a Keynote Presentation: Developing a New Model for Innovation and Growth.

Step 2- Get Hands On: Rowan Gibson, Author, Innovation to the Core, leads a collaborative exercises on Leadership & Structure.

Step 3- CHOOSE YOUR FORMAT: Unique breakout sessions provide you with the opportunity to explore the topic in greater detail via varied learning formats.

FIRESTARTER FORMAT: Creating and Operating a Successful R&D Subculture: The Combination of People and Skills to Deliver Sustained Output
- Matt Calman, Senior Vice President, R&D Executive, Bank of America
Making Innovation Part of Your Organization's DNA
- Kim McNealy, Director, Consumer Marketing Strategy & Insights, Innovation Catalyst, Intuit

CHAMPION FORMAT: Innovation Ecosystem Behaviors: What Really Matters for Progressive Value Realization (PVR)?
- Rajesh Mishra, Vice President, R&D, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

FISHBOWL FORMAT: From Silos to Structure: Drive Internal Innovation Consistency Across the Enterprise
-Fred van Ommen, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Strategy, Office of the CTO, Philips
- John Geyer, Vice President of Enterprise Management, MetLife
- Casey Burns, Senior Advisor to the Administrator, GSA
- Karen Leeker, Vice President, Innovation, Quality, Solo Cup

Join us this October in San Diego at BEI 2011 as we bring together the best in innovation execution to help you Create a Sustainable Corporate Innovation System.

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