Saturday, May 21, 2011

Routine Creativity and a Healthy Lifestyle

Just as routine exercise improves overall health, routine creativity adds to a healthy lifestyle as well.

In some brainstorming sessions, the climate is calm with people thoughtfully building on each others ideas. In other brainstorming sessions, the climate is more competitive with people trying to outdo each others ideas. Over time I've realized the calm room is usually filled with people who brainstorm consistently, while the competitive room is usually filled with people who brainstorm sporadically. With this hypothesis, I began thinking about the parallels between exercise and creativity and how a sedentary lifestyle (either physically or creatively) can be bad for your health.

We've all heard why exercising 20 minutes a day is good for you, but why should we make a routine of creativity?

1. If you're feeling down, tapping into creativity can make you come alive.
2. Creativity sparks the imagination which leads to better problem solving.
3. Creativity helps to maintain a positive outlook.
4. Creativity is the bedrock for innovation.

If your innovation efforts are on low gear, or if you're in a slump, jump into high gear by making creativity part of your daily routine.

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john smith said...

What a nice and unique thought! you are absolutely right Creativity leads to Healthy lifestyle and everyone should do some creative work it will make him or her busy and open new thoughts in mind as well.
Nice Blog Thanks!

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