Thursday, May 19, 2011

Overnight Thoughts: Topics from FEI11

After taking the evening to allow the richness from the past few days to fully percolate into my brain, I wanted to come back and share with everyone my assuredly incomplete list of topics that I saw come up at FEI11. Please feel free to build on this beginning list.

Topics from this week:

· Creating an innovative culture

· Embracing failure – learn from your mistakes and give permission to make them

· Managing risk

· Leadership’s role in innovation

· Culture has a role in defining strategy

· Networking – Relationships are important and connections are powerful

· Follow the energy

· Collective Intelligence

· Creating a capacity for breakthrough innovation

· Strategic allocation of attention

· Co-creation – …can take us to new heights

· The power of the AND – for example:

o Technology AND Business innovation – it’s about both, not one or the other

· Thinking big picture

· Executing on breakthrough is hard, but critical, and often neglected

· Talent matters

· The power of video

· Open Innovation

· Communities are powerful – can do a lot and teach us a lot

· Change is happening

· Social innovation – innovation for the good of society

- Clay Maxwell (@bizinovationist)

Clay is a Business Innovationist with Creative Realities, an innovation strategy consulting firm. He is a frequent contributor to their Innovationist Blog where all things innovation are discussed. You can find out more about Creative Realities at


Geoff Zoeckler said...

Another huge topic (dug out from conversations at our booth) is how to address the difference in innovation needs for B2B verses traditional B2C companies. Similar principles apply, but different methods are needed.

Clay said...

Thanks for the addition, Geoff!

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