Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Key Takeaways from Day Two Value Rooms

The afternoon is quickly coming to a close. Lots of great learning to report. Here are some highlights from Day Two:

From Best Practice vs. Next Practice, I learned the value of taking a patient experience and visualizing it to tell a story. The data visualization from the Patients Like Me presentation was striking in its ability to take complex, very personal information and to display it in a way that brings meaning. Also, with Coloplast, I learned a powerful technique for building membership for an online community. What is it? Arm your community members with posters, business cards and presentations featuring your community and leverage existing members to attract new members.

From Inspiring Teams Along the Path to Innovation, I learned how Bank of America, Kraft and Disney use "peer reviews" and prototyping to lower the risk associated with innovation. The three use these techniques to build buy in and engagement with risk and legal teams.

From Building Businesses, Rebuilding Lives - Social Entrepreneurship and Local Economies, I learned how Lending4Change uses the combination of neighbors lending to neighbors, a 12-14 week training program, credit union involvement, and grass roots support to re-imagine ways to support distressed communities.

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