Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Special Offer for our Readers: Save $500 of FEI 2011 this Week Only

Experience Driven Co-Creation is a leading-edge, transformative approach to innovation that demonstrates the untapped value in interactions with diverse stakeholders - and challenges your thinking about the sources of innovation.

Join Francis Gouillart, Author of The Power of Co-Creation: Build It with Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits (See book trailer below) at FEI 2011: The Front End of Innovation as he reveals the secrets to "Unlocking New Sources of Value to Drive Differentiation and Growth".

At FEI 2011, Francis explains why the joint experience of designers, customers, employees and even suppliers is the starting point of the future innovation process - and teaches you how to engage multiple parties in a live process to design new experiences for all.

Following Francis' keynote presentation, delve deeper into the topic of "Experience Driven Innovation" by selecting one of our four break-outs:


  • McDonald's Innovation Team's 5 Year Journey to Co-Envision the Customer and Employee Experiences of the Future - Melody Roberts, Senior Director, Customer Experience Design, Innovation Concept Development, McDonald's
  • Remixing the Concept of Design into Corporate Culture in a Billion-Dollar Company - Christian Landry, Senior Executive Director, Worldwide Design & Experience, Cisco Linksys
  • Making Design Thinking a Core Competence: From "Painstorms" to "Sol James" - Kaaren Hanson, Director, Design Innovation, Intuit

  • Implications of Co-Creation for Innovation in New Product Development - Mark Deck, Past President, PDMA, Director, PRTM
  • Using "Engagement Platforms" in Healthcare to Innovate with Patients
- Ben Heywood, President and Co-Founder, PatientsLikeMe
- Peter Kragh, Senior Principal Scientist for Future Innovation Methods, Coloplast

  • A Dialogue with Francis Gouillart

Experience Driven Innovation is just one of themes covered, others include: Business Model Adjacencies / Needs Based Design / Leading Great Ideas Forward / Technology, Trends & Society / Innovation Culture / Open Innovation / Voice of the Customer / Portfolio Management / Social Media / and Service Innovation

Take a look at the brochure here to see the rest of the what FEI 2011 has to offer you and your team.

We hope you will join us for the best FEI experience yet, so we'd like offer our readers a chance to register by Friday and save $500 off the standard rate. Please mention your priority code: FEI2011BLOG here.

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