Thursday, March 31, 2011

Innovation: Needs Based Design Case Studies + 15% Off FEI '11

What do the designer of the Beijing Olympic Torch, a VP of Design (and former Apple Design Manager) from Coca-Cola, and Senior Directors from BMW, Reebok & GE Healthcare all have in common?

They are sharing case studies on Needs Based Design at FEI 2011: The Front End of Innovation!

Needs-Based Innovation has been revolutionizing the way innovation and R&D departments function across the globe. More and more companies are adopting an innovation process based on customer needs.

FEI Keynote: 
Keeping Curiosity Alive: Melding Technology, Material and Culture into Products People Can Understand

At 23 years of age, Yao Yingjia was Lenovo's first industrial designer - a team that he's grown to over 200 people today. The growth trajectory of the design department reflect China's growing importance on industrial design. His innovative designs show you have to care about people, details and emotions. To do so, design should focus on customer/user research as the purpose for the design, and to lead the user in a more efficient or more pleasant product interaction, to enhance the competitiveness of products and brand loyalty and influence.

Following Yao's keynote presentation, you delve deeper into the topic of "Needs Based Design... Creativity that Creates Value" by selecting one of our four break-outs:


Leveraging Non-Traditional Design Thinking to Improve the Customer Experience and Amplify Brand Equity
- Vince Voron, Associate Vice President, Integrated Marketing Strategic Design Team, Coca-Cola, Former Senior Industrial Design Manager, Apple
Format=Champions (best-in-class case studies)


Translating Design into Business: The New Language of Design Strategy
- Alec Bernstein, Senior Director of Strategy, Research and Strategic Partnering, BMW Designworks

What Comes First, The Invention or the Consumer Need in New Product Development?
- Bill McInnis, Managing Director, Advanced Innovation, Reebok Easytone & Reebok Re-Zig, Reebok
Format=Firestarters (3 unique case studies)


Design Thinking to Foster a New Culture for Accelerating Innovation
- Betty Hohmann and Emil Georgieve, General Electric, Global Design, GE Healthcare
Format=Sandbox (get your hands dirty)


Designing Emotion into Toys: The Future of Empathetic Machines
- Caleb Chung, Creator, Inventor, Pleo, Furby
Format=Storyteller (narratives you won't want to miss)

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