Thursday, March 3, 2011

FEI Europe 2011: SOCIAL INNOVATION/the move to sustainable solutions

SOCIAL INNOVATION/the move to sustainable solutions

Eight Innovation Stories: Eight Innovations
Bracken Darrell, President, WHIRLPOOL EUROPE

Whirlpool is the #1 Appliance companies in the world. They are new to the Europe/Middle East/Africa Region. Innovations, at the end of the day, have to be applicable to your direct customer.

Whirlpool innovates through the sandbox. They saw an opportunity in American garages. IT is away from their core, but frigates in the garages are the starting point to enter the garage organization market. They’ve created a SousVide oven system, allowing cooks to cook more food with the same amount of quality.
Refrigeration began in 1000 in Persia. In 1934, the first refrigerator was invented in Scotland. It’s taken1,000 years to perfect cooling. Now, Whirlpool is building humidity control into their machines.

(Thought Leader Perspective): Management of Abundance: A New Paradigm
Josef Hochgerner, Scientific Director, CENTRE FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION

What do we expect and trust in? Collaborative intelligence and intelligent collaboration. An innovation is a socio-technical system.

All innovations are socially relevant –
Any innovation emerges form certain background in society and has an impact on particular social entities. Social innovation can be small or large. There are resistances and must compete with other proposals to meet the challenge presented. The things you can change quickly are the products, second most is the processes, and what takes the longest is the values of the society (economy, legislature, politics and culture). The economy has been heavily linked with the population of society. How do you measure welfare?

Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Growth
Dieter Nickel, Director, HENKEL AG

What is Henkel’s definition of successful innovation: Growing sales, increasing market share, higher margins. To steer projects, they look at the consumer needs and the technologies might occur and based on these two things, they look at the needs for new products and projects.

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