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FEI Europe 2011: CUSTOMER-DRIVEN INNOVATION/ grasp unarticulated needs

CUSTOMER-DRIVEN INNOVATION/grasp unarticulated needs

Macroforces in Our Newly Emerging World and the Infinite Innovation Mindset
Tom LaForge, Global Director, Human Cultural Insights, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY

If we understand macro forces happen, then we can see people trends and then humans all act differently. If a large enough of people respond, then companies will begin to respond. Corporations have enough power to start trends. If companies and governments aren’t responding to that, more people today are mobilizing to respond. Macro forces cause people trends.

Companies should look at whether or not companies are good for society? Society has to begin using a different set of rules to succeed. Business is starting to respond to the coming trends, as set by the people. In order to be valued in the future, people have to figure out how to provide creativity beyond what benefits are provided. If you’re not helping the happiness of general society, society will push back at the company and question their existence.

Connecting Emotionally with Your Customer
Michelle Gansle, COE Innovation, MARS FOODS EUROPE

Archetypes help to play into consumer behavior. They are the core of who we are. They influence our values and beliefs which play into the skill sets acquired. At Mars, M&Ms is the jester, Uncle Ben’s represents innocence, Virgin is like an outlaw.

How can you apply archetypes to innovation?
  1. 1. Define your brand. What archetype are you?
  2. 2. Communication should convey the archetype you’re communicating
How can you make this actionable?
  1. 1. Learn more about archetypes
  2. 2. Identify the brand archetype

Collaboration, Integration, and Inspiration to Cutting Edge Innovation
Jovita Ivanaviciute, Global Research and Innovation, Vestas Wind Systems

Their goal is to improve the capture of wind for energy. It’s constant, dependable and reliable. A wind plant can be up and running in up and 12 months, and the ROI is much faster than any other energy source. It also creates green jobs. How is the world changing? China is in the center of almost every conversation about the future. Should companies be afraid of the number of exports that can come out of it or should countries be excited about the number of people to export to? With this in mind, how do we power all of these people?

A Novel Approach to User-Driven Innovation in Business
Rune Norager, Associate Professor & Teacher, Department of Product and Design Psychology, AALBORG UNIVERSITY

Males and females think difference. Companies should start thinking about this when consumer electronics are concerned. Gender perspective greatly, as we know on these things: social values, physical differences, pinking and shrinking and marketing.

When looking at interaction design, many things can be learned. The engineers and programmers who produce electronics are very different from the females who use them. How can consumer electronics be made better for women?

Where does gender come from?
  • • Cultural relativism
  • • Inate differences expressed and shaped through culture
The basic biological difference between males and females will remain the same, although many of these change across behaviors.

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