Thursday, September 16, 2010

EPIC Spotlight: Rel S. Ambrozy, Partner, McKenna Long & Aldridge

Rel S. Ambrozy
McKenna Long & Aldridge

Prior to joining McKenna Long & Aldridge, Rel S. Ambrozy served as in-house counsel for a high-tech start-up corporation. Prior to working at the start-up, Mr. Ambrozy exclusively practiced in the field of intellectual property law. Although he focuses on patent and trade secret litigation, he routinely counsels clients in the areas of patent prosecution, patent opinions, licensing agreements and due diligence investigations.

Mr. Ambrozy's patent litigation experience begins with the due diligence investigations necessary before filing or answering a complaint, and carries through to trial. Mr. Ambrozy has been intimately involved in numerous patent litigations, participating and/or leading the written and oral discovery process, motions practice and actual trial of cases both before a jury as well as the bench. Moreover, Mr. Ambrozy has worked closely with foreign counsel in several countries on various co-pending patent litigations. His close cooperation with counsel in Europe, Taiwan, Japan and Korea is essential to ensure consistency between the simultaneous litigations, as well as to comply with all applicable foreign practice requirements.

Given Mr. Ambrozy's broad educational background and work experience, he is proficient in technical areas ranging from the electrical arts including cellular telephony, satellite communication, Internet applications and medical devices to the biological arts including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and bioinformatics.

While receiving his Master's, Mr. Ambrozy researched the software and hardware components for various heart pacemaker systems. For his Master's Thesis, he developed a rule-based expert system that automated the analysis of the functioning of pacemakers.

Rel S. Ambrozy will be presenting Patent and Trade Secret Litigation at EPIC Partnerships this October.

Bio & image courtesy of McKenna Long

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