Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Boris Pluskowski, Guest Blogger for FEI Boston

Hi all, My name is Boris Pluskowski, and I'll be one of your guest bloggers for this conference, and thought I'd use a little downtime this morning whilst I get up to speed on my coffee to quickly introduce myself to you all.

I'm the author of The Complete Innovator blog and website - - where I try to bring corporate innovators new thoughts, ideas and best practices on innovation, collaboration, and social media - with the aim of trying to help you all become more "Complete Innovators".

My work is based on a core belief that companies can harness the untapped potential of the collective intelligence (from customers, suppliers, employees and more) available to them to drive significant new sources of organic growth and value for themselves.

I've now spent well over 10 years working with senior level executives at predominately large companies to teach them how to take advantage of that potential to drive sustainable, repeatable processes to come up with numerous new products and business models, novel cost reductions, and disruptive process improvements.

You can find a full bio here:
You can connect to me on LinkedIn here:
And you can "follow me" on Twitter here:

ps - If you are on twitter, make sure to follow the twitter stream by searching for the hashtag "#feiboston" to see what all the smart tweeps here at the conference are saying live - it really will enhance your experience here. I recommend using as the best way to do this.

OK - boring "qual" stuff over, I do hope you'll find the things I write interesting enough to warrant interacting with me - and the more the merrier, as talking to as many people as possible on Innovation is my own version of "Open Innovation"!

I've been coming to FEI now pretty much since the first ones that IIR have produced, and it's always been a fantastic way to learn about Innovation from a very practical standpoint. The reason being the IIR's constant commitment to this area and their never ending search for practitioners willing to talk about their efforts in this space. Whilst there are some big hits, and some big misses in all this - you can always guarantee to walk away with some great insights, action items, and new thoughts - which, as a conference veteran, let me tell you, is more than you can say for a lot of Innovation conferences out there!

What am I looking forward to at this one?

Well, for Day One, you'll probably find me hanging out primarily at the "Beyond Open" Summit. There's no doubting that the world has finally found and embraced the concepts of Open Innovation - but from experience, I also know a lot of it is still lip service, with few companies really doing it properly. I'm hoping to find a few more today in this session. My blogging colleague Stefan Lindegaard should be of particular interest too - I've read a lot of his work, and it's always fascinating, so I'm expecting to pick up some good ideas during his talk. Also for Day One, as a long time Zipcar user, I'm interested to see what Robin Chase has to say too - their rental model is definitely a disruption of the traditional rental car business model!

Day Two for me is all about James Surowecki personally - His book, "The Wisdom of Crowds" has coined what has to be one of the most used phrases in Innovation, especially for anyone embracing collaborative methods (and which responsible innovator doesn't nowadays??) - despite this, I haven't really seen him speak at any innovation conferences before - so will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Day Three is all about the academics - I've been reading Dartmouth Tuck's Vijay Govindarajan's blog for quite some time now (he's currently writing on HBR's blog site) - and both him and Harvard's Teresa Amabile are very well respected in this field, not least because they are able to keep more current and connected to real business than most in this field. It should be interesting to get caught up with both of these renown speakers.

Of course there are tons more that I'm looking forward to, and several other "hidden gems" that I'm hoping to stumble across. More than anything though, I've always found the most interesting content to come from the people I meet in the social sessions. If there's one tip I would give you to make sure you really get as much as possible out of this conference - it would be to maximise your use of the networking opportunities that the IIR works hard to provide for you.

Meet as many people as you can and glean as much as you can from them. Keep a pack of business cards in one hand, a coffee/beer (whichever is more appropriate) in the other - and work that room! Somewhere here is an answer to the problem you've been struggling with; another practitioner who's already solved it; a consultant who will show you a new way to look at it, a vendor with a new technology to enable it.

All of those relationships will be valuable to you in the future - so waste no time!

And if you see me walking around, don't hesitate to come up and say "hi!" - am happy to add to your network and introduce you to people who might be of interest whenever I can!



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