Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Chris Andrews, Guest Blogger for FEI Boston

Chris Andrews, Forrester Research, reporting at FEI 2010

Greetings all. This is guest blogger Chris Andrews, from Forrester Research. I have been covering innovation at Forrester for several years, both in consulting engagements and in our published research. At Forrester, we consider our primary base of clients to be either 1) IT professionals (such as CIOs and their direct reports), 2) marketing and strategy professionals (such as CMOs and their direct reports), and 3) members of the technology industry (basically, anyone who works in a company that sells or has a stake in the technology industry).

I have found that while innovation is a priority for virtually all of these stakeholders, each one has different innovation goals and objectives. I write about my view of innovation, and leading innovation companies, at

My current focus is on how my IT clients can drive stronger rates of innovation from their partners, and on the growing base of innovation management tools - primarily for people in the IT group described above. I am currently writing a report that updates Forrester's view of the innovation management marketplace.

If you are interested in, or have personal experience with technology-based innovation tool suppliers (like some of the companies sponsoring this event), I will be very interested in talking to you. If you are a supplier of innovation management tools, I will be interested in hearing about your view of this rapidly changing marketplace.

I'm thrilled to be here, please introduce yourself if you see me.

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