Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#FEIBOSTON Day One Transcript

So I hope Day One went well for all of you!

Forgot to take notes? Pen ran out of ink? Want to find out what that session you missed covered? Missed Day 1 altogether because you have a serioeus aversion to places without drinking water?

Then check out the "twitter stream" from yesterday where you can read all about the sessions that twitter users at the conference attended. The twitter stream is a great way to catch up on the content - why? - because it usually contains highlight points from the various sessions, but with the addendum of extra conversation and comments from a wide range of people all around the world!

If you'd like to follow/contribute to the twitter stream for today's sessions - just search for "#FEIBOSTON" and join in!

Day Two is about to kick off and there are a lot of highlights to look forward to - not least of which James Surowecki at 9AM today. So I hope you enjoy the day. Again, if you see me wandering around, don't be shy and say hello!

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