Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore innovating the way we look at water

Bijoy Mohan of the Business Times in Singapore looks at how the country is innovating the way they deal with the water cycle. The National Water Agency of Singapore focuses on conservation at all four stages in the water life cycle: collection, treatment, distribution, and reclamation. Authorities looking at ways to implement technology at each stage of the water life cycle. Mohan also focuses on how innovators shouldn't be the only players in the water conservation process, but government authorities, consumers, trade players and private organizations need to all pitch in to create successful water conservation in Singapore.

What do you think? Do more countries need to have a National Water Agency? What an other countries learn from Singapore about their continuing innovative efforts to conserve water?

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Paul said...

Yes each country should develop a National Water Strategy. Singapore has been amazing at how it has gone about the job of water security. There is a long sometimes emotional history to the supply of fresh water as Singapore had dependence on others. It decided and prompted through crisis to change this position and has become a leading centre for water technology and getting closer to self dependency in fresh water supplies. It is an impressive story built on determination, innovative ideas and a very collaborative environment- a brilliant story of resolving a crisis through bold steps and cooperation

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