Friday, February 19, 2010

The Push/Pull Struggle of Innovation

In a recent article written by Cheryl Perkins at, she looks at how identifying the push/pull in a market can help innovation be successful. For innovators, being able to truly understand what the market needs, what they are pulling for, instead of pushing a great idea out quickly, can benefit a company. Once it is understood what the market is pulling for, then push the ideas that align with that into the market place.

The article uses the iPad as an example of meeting a the market's needs. Do you agree with this? What other items have you seen pulled by the market that have resulted in market adaption?

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Paul said...

Cheryl taps into something to distinguish differences between "push/ pull".
There is suggested by others,with sound research and case studies, that four necessary conditions for putting innovative products, services or models into practice are needed and you need them all together to be managed.
"Push" covers effective supply- generation of ideas, development into workable forms and third their communication & disbursement.
"Pull" covers effective demand- the needs within society, by customers that Cheryl comments upon and the general recognition of that need (the hardest part)
The other two that need to be in place are
"Effective strategies" that connect the "pull" to "push" and the right organisation forms to manage this
"Learning & Adaptation" to ensure the innovation achieves the impact and continues to achieve as the environment changes.
It is having all these four in place or 'in sync' these achieve the "resonance" Cheryl mentions with her Apple example

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