Monday, February 8, 2010

BMW's New Concept Car: The Future Sustainability and the Joy of Mobility!

By Connie Harryman, Applied Concepts Creativity
Guest Blogger IIR USA
LIVE Front End of Innovation Europe 2010

Featured Keynote:
LIVE! An Exclusive Preview of BMW’s New Concept Car
The Future Sustainability and the Joy of Mobility

Speaker: Adrian van Hookydonk: Director Design, BMW Group

The joy of mobility is deeply ingrained in us. Imagine a dog with his nose in the wind, he enjoys the speed. Kids begin on tricycles. Even Einstein enjoyed speed on a bicycle. People give a personal spin to mobility.

We see extreme sports with motorcycle racing. Automobile racing is not just about moving but it is also about going fast. Speed allows us to experience different things and experience different people. This is the joy of mobility.

BMW is heavily driven by engineering and technology. We watched the movie that is the “Manifesto” for BMW. The message is about shaping the future, with an emphasis on the importance of how you make people feel. Joy is core brand value. The key reason for purchase is emotional.

We dream of blue sky, empty landscape, and a great view. There is a contrast to the reality of crowded highways and grey skies.

What can designers do? This requires a change, not a change back. We will not forget the joy of movement. The profession of car design is a form of art. Beauty and sensuality is associated with our profession as well as sex appeal or timelessness.

They begin with sketches, and then they bring the lines onto a technical drawing. They can shape every millimeter of the vehicle. Now they are trying to create this in 3D by digitizing data. This process takes one year then they select the shape and it takes another two years for the prototype.

Design is the promise. They do not like to do retro design. They want modern designs that take the brand into the future. The car is designed to explain itself with the technology it carries. Weight and aerodynamics will be the key in the future because this extends the driving range. Sustainability is kept in mind with the materials selected.

The differentiating factor will be design. They came up with shapes to signify that the future has come. We can make the change so attractive people cannot resist and will connect to mobility.

He leaves us with this quote: “The most thrilling periods in design history are the ones of the greatest change, when designers interpret shifts in science, technology, behavior and politics for the rest of us.”
The New York Times by Alice Rawsthorn

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