Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NYT: In India, Anxiety Over the Slow Pace of Innovation

The New York Times reports today that there is growing anxiety over the pace of innovation throughout India's multiple business sectors. Western companies may look to India as a cheaper alternative for customer service and software; however, Indians worry that they have not created enough innovation on their own to compete with larger foreign companies.

Reporter, Vikas Bajaj writes,"Even as the rest of the world has come to admire, envy and fear India’s outsourcing business and its technological prowess, many Indians are disappointed that the country has not quickly moved up to more ambitious and lucrative work from answering phones or writing software. Why, they worry, hasn’t India produced a Google or an Apple?"

Bajaj notes that innovation may be difficult to measure, but those in the academic world who study innovation say that India has all of the right elements to truly compete and succeed with more innovative ventures.

What do you think?

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I have written a detailed post in continuation to the article and can be accessed here:

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