Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Has mobile innovation come to an end?

Galen Gruman of InfoWorld asks this question as we grapple with the capabilities of smart phones. After the introduction of the iPhone, other mobile phone makers have stepped up and created competitors--but is this the end of innovation for the smart phone? Gruman writes, "there's been an ever-increasing number of competitors, but nothing fundamentally game-changing. Apple continues to refine the iPhone and iPod Touch, adding capabilities such as a compass, Exchange e-mail support, and video capture -- but the last round of devices didn't pioneer anything significant. Both Palm and Google delivered their own iPhone-inspired OSes (WebOS and Android, respectively), but did nothing significant beyond adding (very welcome) support for multiple simultaneous apps to what the iPhone had already brought to the table."

We encourage you to read the article in its entirety to more fully understand Gruman's point.

Has mobile innovation come to an end?

So what do you think? Have smart phones stopped being innovative? Are we waiting for the next game changer? Will it come?

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