Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FEI Europe Track Spotlight: Avoid Commoditization

This week we're focusing on the Avoid Commoditization track, which will help your company move beyond product innovation.

Spotting opportunities for growth through Business Model and Service Innovation is critical for long term sustainability. Innovation is not only for products, it’s required throughout the entire Value Chain. And, these initiatives must start through the Front End.

This track will specifically focus on value innovation, how to make your entire organization more cost effective as well as how to avoid commoditization through services and new business models.

Some of the companies speaking on this track include Tom Tom, Dow Corning, Ericsson, and INSEAD just to name a few. Make sure to download the brochure for a complete run-down on topics covered. Hope to see you at the Front End of Innovation Conference in Amsterdam this February!

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