Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are you ready to design your perfect ride?

Today at Epcot's Innovation Pavilion, Disney is introducing a ride where they're allowing children to use their knowledge in mathematics and engineering to design their preferred roller coaster. This new attraction at the Pavilion allows children to be introduced to the basics of mathematics and engineering involved in creating a ride, then allows them to use that knowledge to create the track path choose the car they'll ride the ride in. Then they're taken to a simulation machine to experiences what they've designed. Read more about this new ride here.

I think a ride like this is great for the coming generation. It injects knowledge into the normal amusement park experiences, and shows children that math and science can be fun. Do you think more amusement park rides will follow suit? Not only does it introduce a new aspect for the amusement park industry, but creates a situation where the designers can comprehend physics and engineering in an everyday situation.

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