Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Review - "Not Everybody Gets a Trophy"

I just finished reading Not Everybody Gets a Trophy

This is one of the best books on the topic of Gen Y that I have read. Bruce Tulgan steps away from the usual assumptions about this young generation, preferring instead to address unique aspects as possible strengths. He does not recommend that established notion of "praise them" but argues that respectfully teaching them about the real world is much more effective. Tulgan also covers, in great detail management/leadership and techniques to help guide Gen Y's at work.

Many of the suggestions are great for any new employee of any age, but clearly are focused on the needs of Gen Y. The topics include general descriptors of the generation, ways to bound with them, ways to train them and bring them up to speed at work, getting them to care about customer service, teaching and retaining them, and finally how to turn Gen Y's into leaders.

Tulgan does point out that this is a high maintenance generation, but also points out their strengths. They will bring work/life balance to the workplace. They live diversity and equity. They want to learn and do a good job. They want to innovate and bring creative ideas to the table. In other words, they want to be an asset to their employer if they are treated well. This is a useful and applicable book that any manager should read.

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