Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An in-depthy look at biomimicracy

Sara Stroud recently gave Reuters an in-depth look on biomimicracy, and how it is slowly creeping into our creation of the buildings and designs around us. Biomimicry Venture Group was founded in 2008 by former FEI Speaker Janine Benyus and Paul Hawken. This style of design, which takes nature and then mimics the designs in the creation of man-made items, has started to generate more interest within the past two years.

The article looks at the website Ask Nature, one of the initiatives of the Biomimicray Venture Group, and states:
[Ask Nature] is part social network, part library. The site matches nature's solutions to design problems, and lists ways such concepts could be applied to the human-built environment. It also provides a forum for people to contribute ideas and share information. Not to mention, it's visually stunning.

Have any of your recent innovation initiatives taken biomimicracy into innovation?

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