Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Should Government Spur Small Business Innovation?

Robb Mandelbaum of The New York Times asks, in his blog, You're The Boss, just how should government spur small business innovation? The Small Business Innovation Research program, which is set to expire on July 31st unless Congress acts to reauthorize it could be a powerful vehicle to spur innovation within America's small businesses--but it seems that the S.B.I.R. may fall behind other initiatives within the Government's agenda.

Mandelbaum writes that, "Now Congress faces the difficult task of reconciling two visions of how the government should harness the power of small firms to innovate, and the competing interests are choosing sides. The bills pit companies with venture funding against those without it — and research institutions against them both."

So what should be done to get the American small business environment moving? Should the government expand the availability of grants to small business owners? Is privatization even an option?

How Should Government Spur Small Business Innovation?

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