Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Track Session: Why Won’t You Let Me Innovate?

Presenters: Geoff Zoeckler, Birds Eye Foods
Katie Kraus, Kimberly Clark

Why are Millenials important?

Millenials are taking over the workforce whereas many boomers are beginning to retire.
Millenials are different, but they still care
Millenials will not take no for an answer
Millenials spend and will spend a lot of money
Millenials talk to each other about products, especially through social networks

Millenials are not happy when they are only being treated as a resource, they want to be seen as unique individuals.

5 things that are important to millennial employees

  1. Share the need, give us a reason - share consumer need and paint a background picture
  2. Be a role model – Millenials need mentors to help understand when to speak at meetings, first steps for testing ideas, etc.
  3. Greenhouse our ideas – managers should encourage back and forth idea building Ex: use instant messenger
  4. Reward the brave – find a set of system in place that rewards bravery, creativity, and innovation
  5. Break the Box, Get Me Out of Here – give millienials the opportunity for creative space, access to “on the go” technology

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zmobile said...

What a great experience. Thank you to everyone who came to our presentation. If you would like to continue the discussion, feel free to email me at GeoffZoeckler@gmail.com . I am also on LinkedIN and would love to connect.

Geoff Zoeckler

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