Monday, May 18, 2009

Track Session: When Social Trends and Public Policy Confront Complex Motivational Barriers to Behavioral Change

Presenter: Paulette Kish, TNS Landis

Paulette starts her presentation by giving a timeline of when government intervened with public health guidelines and campaigns to help people reduce their dietary fat.

Policy requiring companies to list fat content changed the game. Companies like Frito Lay and other launched many low-fat products because of the new focus on health. Companies like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice transformed from becoming a calorie reducing company to better eating. The concern for dietary fat within consumers changed from 9% to over 40% within the time period of 1980’s- 1990’s.

In the early 2000’s we saw a different fad when consumers saw the carb counting craze with such diets like Atkins.

Paulette went on to describe that consumers that are stressed are less likely to eat sensibly than those who are not. There is a bigger percentage of consumers now that feel that they are more stressed than from last year.

As marketers we do segmentation of health and wellness and not the holistic consumer. As a result the industry and government are not credited for doing anything well for health and wellness.

Social policy can drive innovation and commercial wins because attention levels the playing field.

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