Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Track Session: Innovation Simulation Session

Presenters: Kimberly Johnson, PMP, NPDP, Johnstech International
Wayne Lindhol, Meier Tool & Engineering

Innovation has to be accepted by the user because if people find it useful they will be willing to pay for it. Innovation requires many people working together. Synergy is the energy that drives innovation. The formula that Kimberly uses is 1+1=3.

Attendees then broke into an exercise where they had to rank the order of 15 significant inventions from oldest to newest. Some of the inventions included in the worksheet were Jet Aircraft, Word Processor, Rocket, Frozen Food, and Laser.

“Creating a culture of engagement may be a better way to innovate than focusing just on products”

Here is a clip from their talk:

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