Monday, May 18, 2009

Track Session: How Does a Large, Regulated Utility Approach Green Innovation?

Presenter: Stanley Blazewicz, National Grid

Stanley Blazewicz mentions that we must do something to address the direct use of fuel because greenhouse emissions will not be greatly reduced until we find an alternative. In the future National Grid believes that consumers are now in the top of the value chain whereas you need to get consumers involved in their own energy choices. It's going to become more customer centric. Future infrastructure and networks will help reduce the pricing for consumers, especially in the summer months.

National Grid is going to be moving out of the energy utlity domain, but it will change a couple of things. Renewable gas will be a new area for National Grid. They recently did a survey and found out that they can displace 40% by using renewable gas. National Grid has been doing this in the Staten Island area for the past 20 years, but the challenge for them is rolling it across the board.

What does a utility need in order to be successful?
1. Strong executive leadership
2. Strong partnering skills
3. Strong Technology Management
4. Innovation Labs
5. Incentives

Overall National Grid is looking to reduce over 80% of greenhouse emissions by 2015. It will take a lot of work between all teams and government in order to get this done. Stanley closes by stating that the "Apollo Model" is not very different from innovation today. Back then the government set the goal, saw the vision, set partnerships, and the result of that was landing on the moon. If we can apply the same models towards reducing greenhouse emissions that it will create a major impact.

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