Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Track Session: Everybody Wants Something - The Power of "Me" And "We" As Innovation Drivers

Presenter: Paulo Janeiro, Inogate

Paulo begins his presentation by mentioning that innovation departments are now under fire.

Traditional approaches have several drawbacks
- localized initiatives are not good enough take full advantage of individual creativity
- Ideas are about potential, innovations are about results, so can not wait for an "eureka" moment

When managing an idea management process you'll notice that first ideas are generally not completed ideas. You have to engage into feedback process in order to build a completed idea. Traditional approaches depend on having "heroes", and those with super powers sit on the board.

We need to stop depending on heroes
We need to engage not the "usual suspects"

The new vision or model meas that if innovation is to succeed it must be selfish. Companies must have both a "What's good for my company" driver and a "What's good for me" driver. The real incentive is by helping the group first because then the group can help out with your problem.

Final conclusions from the presentation is that innovation should be composed of two complementary dynamics, players, and motivations. It's important to include this concept of collective innovation as a complement to traditional practices. His closing comment was,

"Although you can get methodologies from someone else you will always have to build that culture for yourself."

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