Monday, May 18, 2009

Track Session: Developing Partnerships to Accelerate Open Innovation

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Coulter, Clorox Company

Sarah begins by mentioning, "The foundation of Open Innovation is Partnering" which set the underlying tone her presentation. According to Clorox, partnering makes sense for those who want to be competitive in the space. Insights from consumer thoughts can better understand the process.

Sarah detailed some steps in Clorox's work process in Open Innovation –

  1. Scouting
  2. Selection of ideas to move forward with
  3. Securing an agreement with your partner
  4. Relationship Management
Sarah finished her presentation with an example of how Clorox accelerated innovation for a product that Clorox was already established with. Through research, Clorox discovered that consumers wanted to apply bleach exactly where they want in clothing and with precision. Through scouting, Clorox found a company in Japan which had a design which gave accurate finger control, and had a dual tip. Clorox used the power of bleach with the Japanese package design to create the Bleach Pen.

Some other products that Clorox has collaborated with through external partners are Disinfecting Wipes and Green Works.

Here's a short clip of her presentation:

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