Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FEI 09 Your Chance to WIN! Submit Your Answers NOW!

Thank you all for following the conference online today. If you been tracking the contest, we've published 9 questions:

What Did BMW Produce Before Automobiles?

How Many X Factors are there for FEI 09?

According to Innovation Nation by John Kao, which 3 countries trump the U.S. in their focused and creative approaches to fueling innovation?

What is the tagline of General Mills Wheaties brand?

Which company on the FEI conference agenda was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the best companies to work for in America for 10 years straight?

Which FEI speaker keynote's case studies are featured on Apple Pro's World of Color website?

How many members does our FEI LinkedIn Group Have?

Who is the past FEI keynote speaker that invented the Segway?

How many PDMA chapters currently exist in the U.S.?

Well do you have your answers? Now's your chance to submit your answers and enter for your chance to win a FREE PASS to FEI 2010.


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