Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FEI 09: Your Chance to Win - First Question

For those of you in attendance, on the back of your showguide you will see a special gamecard. If you follow the instructions and submit your completed game card you have the chance to WIN a $100 AMEX gift card.

But for everyone following the conference online, you have a chance to participate as well! Simply follow along on our blog for each question from the gamecard, then you can find the answers and by the end of the conference we will post a submission form for you to enter all the correct answers for your chance to win a FREE PASS to FEI 2010. Be sure and check the blog throughout the day for each question to complete the game

To get things going, here is the first question:

What Did BMW Produce Before Automobiles?

Remember, we'll be posting 8 more questions throughout the day on our blog, check back for each question and the final post at the end of the day for the online submission form.

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