Monday, March 9, 2009

Technology innovation is key to pulling out of recession

In a recent article at the Boston Globe, they look at how a new wave of technological innovation is likely what will bring us out of our current recession. A few of the items they look at that could be responsible for the rebounding are cell phones, medical gear, green technologies or batteries that could run cars. They also cite technology as what has brought us out of the previous recessions. Now that the US government is pushing fund back into health care, technology and energy, we'll see inventors, researchers and engineers emerge from fields to bring new ideas back into play, reviving our economy.

For the full article, read here. What kind of technology do you see pulling the world out of this recession? In the article, they point out that you usually can't see a trend until you're in the middle of it, but could it be a medical advancement? Or battery powered cars?


Bluewaters said...

The next new technology to sweep into our lives will come from the Bioscience technology. Venture capitalists (Burrill & Co. and Tower Investments) are pumping $1 Billion (how about that, a billion dollars not from the government) into a bioscience incubator new Rochester, Minnesota. This operation will be tied to the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and other entities in the bioscience area.

Called the Elk Run Bioscience Center, it will be located north of Pine Island near Rochester, Minnesota. With all the intellectual property owned by the Mayo Clinic, it gives the clinic a chance to develop that technology and create advancements in the treatment of human illnesses.

Now that stem cell research is back out in front, the advances in genomics will be the new innovation that will astound the world, in my humble opinion. Too bad biology was never my strong area.

Jennifer said...

Bluewaters -- Thanks for contributing. Have you had a chance to look at the great debate going on about this topic at the FEI LinkedIn group?

Thomas said...

New technology is a garden hose and the recession is a swimming pool with a big tear in it. This recession happens to be a tear that ends well below the original water line. The cause of the tear is an over filled pool created by sand bags to increase depth instead of digging a deeper pool. We can patch the tear and remove the sand bags, and hope the pool managers police the area better. That will take some time. At this writing the sand and tear are not fixed.

Returning the normal water circulation, level control, and cleaning system to operation will fill the pool much faster then our garden hose. Remember the past streams that started out using the garden hose to add water have been incorporated into the system. So we need to develop technology innovations because old sources of water now used for control will dry up and need to be replaced.

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