Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idaho Gov. "Invest in People, Potential."

In the spud state of Idaho, not much seems to go on--and Idaho's Governor wants to change that. Speaking on President-Elect Obama's stimulus plan for jobs, Idaho's governor wants the state to use the money to go beyond road and bridge construction. Governor Butch Otter wants much of the stimulus money given to Idaho to go towards research and science facilities at Idaho's colleges like Boise State University. The Governor reiterated a quote from BoDo developer and WaterCooler founder Mark Rivers,"these are the new technologies and innovations that will drive new companies and an educated workforce."
Because of Idaho's small population and vast landscape, it could be an interesting place for innovation and technology to take place.

For more on Idaho and its quest for innovation, please click here.

What do you think of smaller states using stimulus money for innovation and research practices? Should the states be putting infrastructure and construction first? Please share your thoughts here or on our LinkedIn group.

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