Monday, January 12, 2009

FEI Europe Speaker Profile: Jan Kriekels

Jan Kriekels is the non-conventional entrepreneur. Coming from a background in anthropology he seeks ways to transcend the traditional views in industry, art and economy. Currently he sets out the lines for in Belgium. He is a huge promoter of the ‘creative economy’, letting people design their own products. Being the project’s mecenas, Jan looks to Uchronia as being a symbol for the creative economy. Uchronia is but the start of a larger project involving all creative souls worldwide. You can see a preview for the DVD below.

Don’t miss John Kriekels’s keynote speech, In An Innovative Factory as Jaga, We Should be Daredevils Not Calculators, at the FEI Europe event in Monaco on Wednesday, 28 January. Check back Thursday, we'll be profiling speaker Leo Roodhart, Group GameChanger at Shell International.

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