Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where to start?

That question keeps popping up in my life... particularly when trying to wrap my mind around the details of our innovation process.

Where to start...

  • as a guest blogger for FEI?
  • when it comes to creating incentive systems for innovators in my company?
  • as my co-conspirators and I work to change organizational culture and behaviors?
  • looking for actionable advice for managing (supporting? uncovering?) innovation?
  • applying resources (time, people, money) when there are so many unmet needs?

While I usually arrive at some semblance of an answer... I end up uncovering a basketfull of additional questions along the way! After talking with peers from other organizations at a recent program at MIT, I was somewhat relieved to discover that I'm not alone. That my company, industry and nation are not alone when struggling to find, filter and apply the right ideas to meet the right needs to create, deliver and capture value.

That's a primary reason I'm excited about FEI Europe next month: I get to listen, talk and spend time with other innovation practitioners. To hear their stories of where they started a particular practice - and the decisions they made and lessons they learned along the way. I'll be posting some of the anecdotes and kernels of wisdom I hear along the way.

I hope to meet some of you there.

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