Thursday, December 11, 2008

Does Obama get "stim-novation"?

We’ve recently posted on this blog that President Elect Obama has named a “dream team” to lead the nation in its innovation practices, but…is this enough? This article on BusinessWeek highlights how the white paper Building on Success: Reforming the U.S. Innovation System written by Fred Block and Matthew Keller discusses that Obama will have to appoint a cabinet-level Department of Innovation within the next couple of years.

In the whitepaper, Block and Keller make specific suggestions including directing $3-$5 billion of the stimulus package towards non-defense R&D as well as investing in energy efficient activities such as putting an emphasis on solar panels and green materials in housing. They also introduce the term “stim-novation,” which means spending that stimulates the economy while also encouraging the development of new technologies, materials, and medical instruments (and other products).

Do you think the innovation agenda team Obama has named is enough to drive innovation to new heights? Download the white paper below. What are your thoughts?

Download the whitepaper

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