Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Innovation is Leading the Way Even Through a Rough Patch

The results are in from the latest economics and innovation poll from the Innovating to Win blog. Just as I suspected, the majority of companies are still looking to innovation to lead the way through turbulent times, and so there are increasing investment.

Only 15.5% of companies are pulling back while a whopping 47% are increasing investments. Astounding numbers…


dan said...

The common thread to all of the above is the concept of knowledge tangibility. This is the discussion that should lead every story in innovation economics and Social Media right now.

Few people realize that social, creative, and intellectual capital are perfectly suitable assets upon which to peg a currency. In fact, knowledge is a super-asset because it can walk. Condos, contracts, money, even Gold cannot walk - at the end of the day the value of money is supported by you and I - and with social media technology, we can now walk like an asset.

The financial crisis may provide just enough disruption to induce the innovation economy, without irreversible damage if we are clever. If Social Media as an industry can prepare itself correctly so that knowledge assets can simulate the role that debt plays in an economy, we can flip the system over so it can become sustainable as an innovation economy rather than a debt economy. Structurally, Nothing else changes except Wall Street becomes the steward not the master. The ultimate reboot…and nobody sees this coming. It is a very very real opportunity and we need to consider seriously.

For the most excessively over-the-top optimistic prediction of the future currently published anywhere on the web related to the current financial crisis please read:

It’s not impossible

Thiago said...

Thanks for the comment Dan! Your post paints a great picture of what the future holds in store for us in an innovation economy. Knowledge is key.

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