Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top Finalists for the 2008 EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD

This article from Market Watch reports that the three finalists for the 2008 EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD have been chosen. The nominated finalist include: Astex Therapeutics Limited, GENEART AG, and immatics biotechnologies GmbH. The prize is valued at € 100,000, and this will mark the 6th year that this has been awarded to the most innovative European biotechnology and life sciences companies, by Deutsche Messe Ag and Partners. Stephan KA 1/4hne, Board member of Deutsche Messe AG, stated:

"Innovation capacity is the driving force behind the economic success of one of the most important sectors of the future. With the EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD, we are supporting upcoming biotechnology firms which, thanks to their dedication, make a significant contribution to the development of Europe as a research location”

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