Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Innovation Hits the Candy Market

The Gourmet Candy Retailer recently took a look to see how businesses in the candy industry are keeping their products innovative and up to date. The way to keep candy fresh in the minds of consumers can take many forms: changing flavors, re-releasing childhood favorites in different forms and issuing limited edition treats. The manufactures are finding ways to appeal to the now diverse landscape of Americans whose flavor preferences are diverse.

When it comes to innovating with chocolate, adding flavors is the name of the game. Peanut butter and chipotle are often added to the mix. Ghirardelli is offering chocolate bars with creamy and crunchy peanut butter filling. Personalization is also the other main draw, an example is the Nintendo Wii Controllers are coming in the form of chocolate bars and candy dispensers for Smarties gum. The New Products magazine also shows that collaboration works wonders, as Jelly Belly is teaming up with Cold Stone Creamery to make jelly beans in the flavor of their ice creams for the “Ice Cream Parlor” mix.

Candy is also finding a way to hit nostalgic minds. Wonka has taken the traditional hard Nerds candy and given them a chewy consistency in the center. Pez is now offering their traditional candy in a chocolate flavor. PopRocks have come out with a PopRocks 2 Piece Mega Bar that both melts on your tongue but continues the memorable popping.


cybele said...

How about removing my photo from Candy Blog and replacing it with one you took or have rights to.

ymmartin said...

We're sorry you feel so strongly about it since we were highlighting your great post, but we've changed it now to their corporate logo.

cybele said...

That's the thing, ymmartin, you didn't link at all to my site or credit the photo.

That was a photo I took of something I consumed.

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