Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Community Colleges Taking Steps in Innovation

At the beginning of June, we shared with you Barack Obama’s speech he gave on the importance of innovation and the education. He sees the importance of education and why the youth of today need to be educated in order to keep the innovation at its highest level in the United States.

Some schools are already taking the lead. In an article at The Seattle Times, Charles H. Mitchell shares with us what Seattle community colleges are doing to keep Seattle one of the most innovative cities in the United States. He credits community colleges for being as creative as any startup in business. One of the colleges in the area was the first to start a two year program in biotechnology, and other has started a two year program in nanotechnology. The Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central has developed a fully sustainable culinary program. Seattle South Community College has developed a program that focuses on green real estate. The city has received $25 million in donations from various sources to keep the city and its community colleges on top of the innovation game.

Seattle is not the only place colleges are innovating. The LA Times reports on other colleges that have chosen to innovate and proceed down the green path. East Los Angeles College has installed 5952 solar panels that will power 45% of the schools energy a year. They’re not the only school that has chosen to find a new way to power and heat and cool their college. A 2004 policy for the University of California schools stated that all new building and renovations must be eco-friendly, and since implementing this policy, the system has saved $5 million as a result. The article also states that when buildings have become sustainable, the buildings have less of upkeep in maintenance.

Whether universities and colleges are making an innovation as a priority in the curriculum or focusing on creating buildings on campus that are environmentally friendly, innovation to aid the environment has become a priority.

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aditya said...

I recently read a post on New York shutting down its power system for an hour as an initiative against global warming. Some people criticized it saying, “What effect could that have on the planet, it certainly doesn’t feel cooler”. But I think what we do on an individual level has more of a symbolic meaning and create awareness among the general public. That is how it goes a long way. We at Mahindra recently had a similar event under on of our programmes ‘Mahindra hariyalli’, which was basically a seed planting campaign. I would like to get your views on it on our corporate blog (mahindrauniverse.com).

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