Monday, June 16, 2008

Raytheon Teams up with Navy for Missile Testing Innovation

In a recent news release, Raytheon’s latest innovations with the US Navy dramatically change the missile testing process. The Presidio Automated Testing Line has been developed though innovation into a quicker way to test missiles. This new, innovative process will change the missile testing business.

The missile testing process now has a universal test system that will no longer require multiple test sets. Instead of 17 test positions and 27 environmental conditioning systems, there is one automated instillation. There is no longer a need for multiple test sets. Also, the Presidio Automated Testing Line reduces floor space by 50%, reduces the vibration test time by 66%, and lowers the overall days of the testing cycle from 21 days to less than seven hours. In addition to all of this, this powerful innovation will allow the missiles to get to the US Navy much faster.

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